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Welcome to NBPD/NBC wiki. This is the official wiki for New Bern Police Dept/ New Bern City. If you want to join, go to

About New Bern Police Dept:

This is Founded by Lovingtaken3 and Co Founded by FCPD_Laura. We are the owners of the group New Bern Police Dept.

About Lovingtaken3:

I am the Founder of New Bern Police Dept. I also have a YouTube channel (Michael Conaway) with currently 130+ subscribers. I will refer myself to Michael

so you guys wont get confused.

About FCPD_Laura:

FCPD_Laura (AKA FCPD_Founder) is the Co Founder of New Bern Police Dept, and the Founder of Funtes County Police Departement

with 23K+ members.

Latest Updates to the Group!!


---------------------------------- Changelogs-------------------------------------
  Added owner vehicles;
 Added spam kicker;
 I will no longer be the DJ (Someone in group MUST be DJ, owners can but don't have to!!);
 Added a spot for owners ONLY;
 Added undercover vehicles;
 Anyone can join NBPDP without having to join the group;
 Added Admin Cars (This is for the real Admins ONLY)
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